Great data observability starts at your sources

Databand is a data observability platform that enables data engineers to understand if data moving from source through pipeline will be available, consistent, and clean.

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A proactive approach to data observability

Databand monitors missing data, schema changes, and missed deliveries from your data sources as soon as they happen.

4x faster data issue detection

Catch schema changes, missing data, and other data quality issues as data moves from ingestion to your warehouse.

10x faster data issue remediation

Centralize the alerts, metadata, and logs you need to get to the heart of data quality issues fast.

Decreased frequency of data failures

Spot trends in your pipeline performance and opportunities for improvement with one, easy-to-use observability dashboard.

Become your company’s most trusted unit

How Databand works

Connect your orchestrator

Checkpoint your data sources via API

Connect your warehouse

Achieve trusted data

Find and fix data health issues fast

See how Databand can transform data observability at your organization today.