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Discover where data pipelines are broken before bad data gets through

Databand is an observability platform that helps data engineers troubleshoot pipeline failures and data quality issues.

Monitor your end-to-end data flow and pipeline development lifecycle

From your data pipelines
  • Compare the impact of pipeline changes from dev to prod
  • Track how pipeline errors cause data quality issues
  • Proactively monitor likely SLA misses
  • Measure spikes in costs and resource consumption
From your data lake to your warehouse
  • Monitor freshness of data in your data lake
  • Identify resource bottlenecks and inefficient configurations
  • Track data lineage across pipelines
  • Alert on issues in data size, schemas, distributions, and custom metrics

Get leading indicators for data delivery problems

Databand uses metadata from your pipelines and data lake to proactively alert on critical SLA issues, task failures, and data quality problems.

Dataframe column structure has changed
Task duration has exceeded its threshold
Peak memory consumption detected
Python error on undetected column
Reliable results

Quickly catch when pipelines deviate from normal baselines

Complete visibility

Track all information in one place – data quality, data lineage, system resource information, and job durations

Centralized tracking

Integrate metadata from all data infrastructure levels, from orchestrator to data lake

Integrate instantly

Track your data health with zero changes to existing pipeline code

  • Integrate with orchestrators like Apache Airflow to alert on pipeline data errors and problematic durations
  • Connect with big data engines like Apache Spark to track how long-running jobs cause data delays
  • Integrate with your data lake or warehouse to run health checks on critical data assets
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We help data teams build reliable data products

“Databand is helping us achieve better pipeline reliability and higher velocity releases for our data products. The platform is saving our team a lot of troubleshooting time by providing one holistic view for job monitoring and dependencies, so that everyone can see what’s happening in our pipelines.”

Amir Arad. Senior Engineering Manager at Agoda

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