Meet Databand.

Databand is powered by a team of big data and AI/ML enthusiasts passionate about helping data engineering teams deliver reliable and trustworthy data for their business.  

Our mission.

We believe that data engineers are the backbone of modern data teams. But for the average data engineer, it’s a challenge to ensure jobs are running successfully, data meets quality standards, and business stakeholders are satisfied. 

For companies who depend on accurate, on-time data flows, that’s a huge problem. Our mission is to help data engineers scale their infrastructure while maintaining data health standards so their organizations can build better data products.

Databand, an IBM Company

In July 2022, Databand was acquired by IBM to strengthen IBM’s software portfolio across data, AI, and automation to address the full spectrum of observability and helps businesses ensure that reliable data is being put into the right hands of the right users at the right time. Databand’s proactive data observability platform further extends IBM’s existing data fabric solution by helping ensure that the most accurate and trustworthy data is being put into the right hands at the right time – no matter where it resides.

United by our core values.

Welcome to “The Band!” This is a common saying when you join Databand.

That’s because we’re all a part of one team that celebrates and encourages one another to their full potential.

Create raving fans.

We depend on our fans. We strive to not only have happy customers, but also raving fans that enjoy and participate our partnership.

Embrace the challenge.

We’re not here to only build code. We wake up every day embracing and solving the most complex challenges facing your data-driven company.

Honesty brings growth.

We’re honest when we mess up. We learn from our mistakes, recognize our successes, and double down on our strengths.

Make an impact.

Create the impact you want to see. Whether giving back to our local communities or putting in the extra hours to help a teammate, we seek opportunities to make significant impacts.

Innovation is our calling.

Fight the status quo. We continuously innovate so our customers can bring their leading-edge solutions to the world.