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Meet the Founders Behind the Scenes

So you’ve already heard the latest news – Announcing Our $14.5M investment, led by Accel. We were super excited to share that with you, and are even more excited to introduce you to the faces behind this great announcement.

Meet Josh, Evgeny and Victor – our 3 co-founders – that brought together the vision of the first ever unified pipeline monitoring platform for the data engineering community. It all started with an idea.

Meet Victor.

Co-founder and CPO at Databand
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

My background consists of many years of experience in technology. I studied computer science and hold two degrees and then gained many years of experience developing algorithms, what today could be known as a Data Scientist. But for the past 10 years I have been managing teams of data scientists and data engineers and constantly helped them find ways to make their work more seamless and efficient.

What drove you to found Databand?

This brings me to the story of what made me found Databand. While managing the teams, I was passionate about removing obstacles and making sure my teams could spend time building value. We were faced with a lack of tools and best practices to build data products. I very quickly understood that this was a commonly faced issue throughout the industry and not just my team, and that data engineering is a new domain that starves for such tools and proper infrastructure – that’s where the idea to start Databand formed.

What are your plans, as the CPO, with this new round of investment? 

Mainly to heavily invest in our product. We envision our product as a self service offering that anyone, even a single data engineer, can benefit from. To achieve this, a user’s journey with the product is something that is super important for us – so we constantly improve our user experience to be better, clearer and provide even more value for our customers, whether it’s a data engineer, data scientist, or data analyst. This of course means focusing on growing our product and dev team in order to work on bringing this to our clients. In general, we have a lot more exciting items in the product roadmap planned – you’ll just need to wait and see!

What drives you as the CPO for Databand?

It amazes me how much pain and frustration can be removed from the day to day of data engineers by using proper tools. Seeing our customers spending less time firefighting, seeing how their bottlenecks are resolved with Datband’s features is what drives me the most.
What are you most known for? (Something personal that no one knows about you?)

Most people do know this about me – but I love long travel journeys and extreme cycling trips. I am also planning to train for the next running marathon once that opens up again!

Meet Evgeny.

Co-founder & CTO of Databand
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

What I can say most about myself is that I like to solve complicated problems, with a creative solution of course. Professionally, my background ranges from working for big enterprises to performing cyber security research at the Intelligence Forces. I have been working on data intensive projects for the last decade and process intensive projects for the last 15 years.

What drove you to found Databand?

I believe that the data engineering world has a lot of room for innovation. While unicorns have huge infrastructure teams to work on data effectively, we wanted to make data processing more accessible for the wider market. I saw that data engineers didn’t have enough time to focus on what’s important, business results, and needed help in that field. There was this complexity between different roles and tools and I wanted to find a way for those different roles to work together.

What are your plans, as the CTO, with this new round of investment?

The goal is to bring the product to a new level and become a market leader in the data observability world. My main plan is to focus on growing the Dev team and bringing top talent to help create the product we envision.

What drives you as the CTO for Databand? 

To focus on the right things at the right time – the biggest problem of growing companies is that there are so many problems to solve and the resources are limited. Being able to find an effective solution while keeping the velocity of engineering is what I think about on a day to day basis.

Meet Josh.

Co-founder and CEO at Databand
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I come from a pretty varied background but I’ve always been obsessed with data products. I started my career in the finance world and moved more and more towards tech from there. I first worked in investments at a trading firm, then worked in venture capital, then as a product manager in a data analytics company.

What drove you to found Databand?

Throughout my experiences, first in finance and then in tech, I saw how data was pervading the way companies operate. And as a consumer, everyone can see how data is a bigger and bigger part in the way we interact with products. But we’re still in the primordial era of how we build, release, maintain data systems. It’s something we struggled with a lot at my previous company. People were constantly frustrated with data delays and inaccurate dashboards.

Even the most sophisticated companies in the world haven’t figured it out. I use a popular ride sharing app a lot to travel back and forth out of New York where I live, and the most important feature for me in the app is the estimated time of pickup and estimated time of arrival. The company is pretty good, but when they get those predictions wrong it’s a bummer. When trying to watch a show on huge online streaming platforms, I probably spend more time clicking through titles than actually watching! With all the content they have, to me that’s a problem with their data, their recommendation engine. There’s tons of these examples in everyday life of how companies need to improve their data products to stay competitive. The opportunity to help is what drove me to start Databand.

What drives you as the CEO for Databand? 

Seeing the full cycle of innovation. Seeing our team identify a new need, address the need as a feature in our platform, deliver that for the first time to our users, and seeing our users surprise and delight at an elegant solution for their problem that they’ve never seen before. For our users, that might be a particular way of presenting hidden information about their pipelines, which would otherwise take hours to surface (if at all) on your own.

What are your plans, as the CEO, with this new round of investment?

Innovate more! Get our solution ready for the wider market and bring it to more engineers. We have a great team behind us and we want to expand, to bring concepts into features and deliver to more data teams.

Try it out!

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