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Senior Backend Engineer

Location: Tel Aviv Team: R&D Work type: Full Time
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Databand is a series A stage startup operating at the cutting edge of Data Engineering technology. Our mission is to help organisations build better data products and trust in their data. We do that by providing data teams comprehensive visibility into the health of their data pipelines. Thanks to our deep monitoring they can confident in their quality data and respond proactively to new issues.

We are looking for an experienced backend engineer to join the Databand team (The Band). You will build a product for fellow engineers, using a cutting edge technological stack and the highest engineering standards.

Our customers are engineers themselves, and we believe it takes great engineers to build solutions FOR engineers.
  • Getting things done – solve problem in a creative way with a startup mentality to empower fellow engineers.
  • Track record of delivering customer facing features in large-scale production systems.
  • Proficiency in Python or Java.
  • Experience writing micro service with a lot of moving parts.
  • Cloud native technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD systems. Experience with public clouds (CGP/AWS) and DevOps automation. 
  • Experience with data management and ETL processes, experience with Spark/airflow/TensorFlow or other BigData/ML technologies – advantage.
  • Team/Tech leadership experience – big plus!
  •  Team player! 
  • Build the swiss knife for data observability, a one stop shop that Data Scientist and Data Engineers use on a daily basis.
  • Design, Develop and Deliver an advanced analytics and metrics reporting system.
  • Collaborate with vertical teams such as product and frontend to produce a first class user experience.
  • Interact with customers and get immediate feedback to improve our product, quality and get inspiration for new features.
  • Onboard and mentor new members of the team.
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About Databand

Databand’s mission is to empower companies to create trusted, reliable data. We do this by helping organizations gain total visibility over their Data Operations (DataOps) with a monitoring solution specialized for data infrastructure. Through instant integrations, Databand collects, organizes, and presents users information about their pipelines so that it’s easy to proactively find errors and zero-in on the cause. We’re saving organizations countless hours in troubleshooting time and helping our clients, including startups and enterprises, earn millions from more effective data products. Databand is venture-backed and has a strong customer base.