The Top Data Quality Metrics You Need to Know

We’ve compiled a list of the top data quality metrics that you can use to measure the quality of the data in your environment. Plus, see real examples of each data quality metric in Databand’s observability platform.

Top Data Quality Metrics - Hero

What's inside

A quick google search will show that data quality metrics involve all sorts of categories.

Completeness, consistency, conformity, accuracy, integrity, timeliness, continuity, availability, reliability, reproducibility, searchability, comparability, and probably ten other categories I forgot to mention all relate to data quality.

So what are the right metrics to track? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Take a look and let us know what other metrics you think we need to add!

  • Metric 1 – Null Counts
  • Metric 2 – Schema Changes
  • Metric 3 – Data Lineage
  • Metric 4 – Pipeline Failures
  • Metric 5 – Pipeline Duration
  • Metric 6 – Missing Data Operations
  • Metric 7 – Record Count in a Run
  • Metric 8 – Tasks Read from a Dataset
  • Metric 9 – Data Freshness

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