Data SLA Nightmares & Lessons Learned

Data SLA Nightmares & Lessons Learned

Virtual Panel
Aug 11, 2021
Online - Zoom
01:00 PM

In this live virtual discussion, we’ll glean insights from data experts in the field on their experience with data SLAs. Databricks Sr. Staff Developer Advocate, Denny Lee, Databand Advisor, Vinoo Ganesh, and Databand Co-Founder and CEO, Josh Benamram will cover everything ranging from common pitfalls to outright nightmares to the best practices that will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Most will be surprised to learn that data SLA misses are more common than data SLA deliveries. If you’ve ever felt challenged to meet your SLAs, you’re not alone.

Our discussion will touch on questions like:

  • How do I maintain high availability in my data stack?
  • How do I validate?
  • How do I apply chaos engineering to my data ecosystem?
  • How do I ensure a fault tolerance within my data systems?
  • How do I create and maintain a data quality framework?
  • How do I properly communicate that what’s being asked is not achievable?

We encourage our attendees to come with questions to take stock of all that needs to be in place to make data quality a reality. If you’ve ever experienced production databases dropping, clusters going down, or your orchestration system going offline and you vowed “never again,” please join us.

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