Apache Airflow Observability with Databand

Simplify and centralize your Apache Airflow observability.

Continuous Apache Airflow observability and monitoring

Your data’s health is more complicated than a task or run failure. You need to know your Airflow pipelines are going to deliver complete and accurate data on time. Even more important, you need alerts on data quality issues before they are used by downstream consumers.

When you integrate Databand to your Airflow environments, you get continuous Airflow observability. This allows you to centralize the pipeline metadata, logs, and statuses to get the insights you need to consistently deliver high quality data.

What’s in it for you?

Integrate easily

Integrate with Databand’s Airflow connector to begin tracking Airflow metadata

Centralize pipeline metadata to track your data health

Track pipeline statuses, run durations, data volumes, and data quality metrics

Preventative alerts on issues in pipelines and data sets

Analyze and alert on metadata anomalies or missing data, trace the root cause of pipeline failures, data quality problems, and the impact issues on your data deliveries

Extend with connections to additional Airflow services

Integrate with tools built on Airflow and Airflow 2.0+ like Google Cloud Composer and Amazon MWAA to centralize additional logging and data quality information

Know what’s happening to your data while it’s in motion

Databand.ai makes it easy to integrate powerful preventative alerting into your Airflow environments and your organization. Get alerts on Airflow pipelines that are at risk for late deliveries due to long task duration, discover anomalies in your data volume,  gain visibility into data quality issues like breaking changes to in dataset structure by your data sources that normally fly under the radar.

Best of all, Databand.ai makes it easy to push these notifications to Slack, OpsGenie, Pagerduty, or whatever other notification systems your data team uses.

Airflow Observability - Alerting
Airflow Observability - Root Cause

Jump right into the root cause of data health issues

Drill beneath the surface of your Airflow environments and cut down on engineering’s Time-to-Remediation.

When Databand.ai sends you an alert, clicking brings you right where the incident occurs so you can begin to get context on the root cause. Databand.ai makes it easy to see all the relevant information you’ll need to resolve the issue. View your pipeline inputs and outputs, error traces, logs, data source, parameters, xcoms, and user metrics in one easy-to-use Dashboard.

Get a bird’s eye view of all your Airflow instances

With Databand.ai, all of your Airflow observability activities can live in one place.

The Databand Dashboard makes it easy to highlight all the important metrics for all of your high-stakes Airflow DAGs. Visualizations and charts of your critical data assets allow you to see whether pipeline metrics are in the right ranges and Airflow throughput is on schedule for delivery.

Airflow Observability Dashboard

Fix data incidents fast

See how Databand can transform data observability at your organization today.