Continuous BigQuery observability with Databand

Databand provides BigQuery observability within your BigQuery warehouse so data teams can identify and resolve data quality issues fast.

Why BigQuery observability with Databand?

No one likes consuming bad data. Databand’s BigQuery observability helps you detect data incidents with your BigQuery tables related to data quality, freshness, and volume so you can eliminate bad data. 

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Automate detection

Detect issues in the columns using custom and semi-custom queries. 

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Uncover the unknowns

Detect unexpected anomalies like missing data or spikes in volume. 

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Guarantee data SLAs

Make sure BigQuery updates within expected data SLAs and with fresh data.  

BigQuery Data Observability


Receive data quality alerts for all BigQuery incidents.

Leverage the power of Databand’s data quality alerts to detect nulls and duplicates, before it affects your data consumers. 

BigQuery observability allows you to generate alerts for incidents like: 

  • Volume alerts to detect unexpected spikes in the volume of your data. 
  • Freshness alerts to find out that your table was updated on time. 
  • Customized SQL queries and data rules for monitoring the warehouse.


How to Strengthen DataOps with Continuous Data Observability


Stop wasting time. Investigate all BigQuery data quality incidents in one place.

Now you can debug incidents easier and resolve them faster. Databand’s BigQuery observability helps data teams quickly view all incidents and their root causes in one place. 

  • Analyze the historical trends in your data to understand the severity of the issue. 
  • Automatically detect the root cause of your data issue.
  • View lineage and impact analysis of your BigQuery tables and DAGs. 
snowflake quality alerts
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Databand automatically monitors the health of our Airflow pipelines so we spend less time debugging, and more time building ML models. Before Databand, 60% of our pipelines had at least one data incident. Now less than 1% of pipelines have incidents. This resulted in a 3X increase in our customers since we can now manage our ML deep learning models at scale.

Tzoof Hemed
AI-Engineering Team Leader
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Databand helps us detect data quality issues faster so we can meet our data SLAs. Without Databand, we didn’t know we had problems until two or three days later – forcing us to backfill the data. 

Fithrah Fauzan
Data Engineering Lead
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Databand is helping us achieve better pipeline reliability and higher velocity releases for our data products. The platform saves our team a lot of troubleshooting time by providing one holistic view for job monitoring and dependencies so that everyone can see what’s happening in our pipelines.

Amir Ara
Senior Engineering

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