Press Release - IBM Acquires Databand to Extend Leadership in Observability

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Dive into the MAD world (Machine Learning, AI, & Data).

Guided by a pursuit of data quality, the show navigates the mad data landscape with its guests to consider all topics from data observability to business impact.


Episode 1

Shani Keynan – Director of Product @

Shani provides a fresh perspective on how to define data quality and how to control data quality when your data is in motion. Data observability is well understood to be a means to quality data. However, what’s often overlooked is the sheer distance that data must travel from start to finish. Data observability must be performed truly from end-to-end by starting right from the beginning (at the data ingestion layer) in order for data observability to be effective at all. Shani offers examples that illustrate how to make data quality an achievable goal and how to apply real-world logic and context create business impact.

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