Press Release - IBM Acquires Databand to Extend Leadership in Observability

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The Case for Dataset Centric Visualization

We love Maxime so much that we had him back for a second podcast! In this episode, Max makes the case for dataset centric visualization. He walks through how different BI tools offer different approaches to building dashboards. Then he discusses how dataset centric modeling is a powerful approach that combines the best of the query-centric and semantic-centric visualization approaches.


Check out Maxime’s blog post here – The Case for Dataset-Centric Visualization

Maxime Beauchemin

Unveiling The IBM Acquisition Of Databand

In our first two-part guest special we’re happy to introduce, Maxime Beauchemin, CEO and Founder of Preset. Eager to learn more about the recent IBM acquisition of Databand, Maxime asks us to describe it in more detail and explains what it means for the future of the data observability space.

Maxime Beauchemin

Two Philadelphians Talk Data Startups And Building An Analytics Community

Tristan Handy is the Founder & CEO of dbt Labs, creators, and maintainers of dbt. dbt Labs is building the modern analytics workflow used by tens of thousands of data analysts. Tristan stopped by to talk to our CEO, and fellow Philadelphian, Josh Benamram about how he founded and built dbt Labs, and how they are building an analytics community.

Tristan Handy

How Warby Parker Builds Repeatable Data Engineering Playbooks

Jimmy Shah is a Senior Data Engineer at Warby Parker, online retailer of high-quality eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and eye exams at an affordable price. Jimmy talked to us about how he builds repeatable data engineering playbooks to cut engineering time by 50-60%.

Jimmy Shah

How Pinterest Is Migrating To The Modern Data Cloud With Confidence

Jessica Larson is a Data Engineer at Pinterest and the author of Snowflake Access Control: Mastering the Features for Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance. Jessica stopped by to talk about how Pinterest is migrating to the modern data cloud with Snowflake and the lessons learned in her new book.

Jessica Larson

How To Avoid The Vortex Of Data Debt

Chad Sanderson is the Head of Product and Data Platform at Convoy, a digital freight network that’s solving problems in the $800B trucking industry. Chad has a lot on his plate, including being responsible for Convoy’s Data Engineering team, Data Warehouse, Data Pipeline tooling, Experimentation Platform, Machine Learning Platform, Analytics Platform, and Streaming. Chad swung by to talk about how his team is building one of the most advanced experimentations and machine learning platforms in the world from the ground up.

Chad Sanderson

How To Treat Data As A Product

Colleen Tartow is the Director of Engineering for Starburst Data, a product suite that gives users the ability to self-manage their data infrastructure. We had a great time in the MAD Data studio as she shared insights on how data-driven companies should treat their data as a product and dove into the category of data mesh. Colleen also holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics which makes her truly out of this world!

Colleen Tartow

Lights On Your Dark Data Quality Issues

George Firican is an award-winning data governance leader, founder of LightsOnData, and podcast host of the Lights On Data Show. George swung by the MAD Data studio to talk about what actually makes a company data-driven and why companies need to be more aware of their data quality issues.

George Firican

Clean Data At The Source: When & Why This Matters To Your Business

Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer, and Kate Strachnyi, Founder of DATAcated, discuss the relevance and irrelevance of data quality. In order to make data quality achievable, our guests explain that it must begin with a big picture business context.

Scott Taylor

Kate Strachnyi

Next Gen Data Demands: Real-Time Alerting & Complex Data Ingestion

What new data reality are we anticipating? Sr. Director of Product Management at Google Cloud, Sudhir Hasbe, shares insights from Google customers’ evolving needs. The modern data stack will take on greater variety and tooling must adapt to real-time demands.

Sudhir Hasbe

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