All Things Airflow: Past, Present And Future

Are you curious about the evolution of Apache Airflow? In this episode, we discuss the open-source platform used by data engineers worldwide to program and monitor workflows. Joined together with Marc Lamberti’s expert insights and analysis of his experiences with Airflow, he covers the history, key takeaways, and tips for getting started with the popular tool. Whether you’re a data engineer or just interested in learning more about workflow management tools, this episode is designed to keep listeners engaged with a practical and resourceful discussion.

All Things Airflow: Past, Present And Future

About Our Guests

Marc Lamberti

Head of Customer Education Astronomer

Marc Lamberti is an online best-seller, instructor, and consultant for all things Apache Airflow. He is currently the Head of Customer Training at Astronomer, where he aims to make Airflow accessible and engaging for everyone with his in-depth knowledge.


Marc also dedicates time to teaching online courses, showing learners how to author, schedule, and monitor data pipelines through practical examples using Apache Airflow. He is a strong believer that the best way to learn and understand a new skill is by taking a hands-on approach with just enough theory to explain the concepts and a big dose of practice to be ready in a production environment. You can check out his course @

Episode Transcript

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