Data Quality Through The Lens Of An Analytics Engineer

Following the journey of an analytics engineer as they navigate through the challenges of data quality is no easy task. Fortunately, we were happy to be joined by Madison Schott, an Analytics Engineer over at Winc. With her expertise, she helps describe the importance of maintaining clean and accurate data in the analytics process. She also goes into greater detail on common data quality issues and their potential causes from her own point of view.

Data Quality Through The Lens Of An Analytics Engineer

About Our Guests

Madison Schott

Analytics Engineer Winc

Madison Schott is an analytics engineer and technical writer. She enjoys making data easy to understand and accessible to anyone! In her free time, she makes a habit of keeping up with her her passions like nutrition, fitness, reading, sewing, and gardening.

Madison is also the author of “The abc’s of analytics engineering” which is a complete guide for anyone looking to get started in the career. You can check it out @

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