What's Next in Data Observability & Data Tooling

Matt Turck, creator of the term “MAD landscape” and Partner at FirstMark Capital, joins Joe Reis, CEO of Ternary Data and Monday Morning Data Chat podcast host, and Databand.ai Co-Founder & CEO, Josh Benamram, to discuss the explosion of data tooling, the creation of data observability as a new category, and what’s next in innovation and data engineering. What old problems have we solved? What new problems are emerging? What’s ahead in the next 5 years?

What's Next in Data Observability & Data Tooling

About Our Guests

Matt Turck

Partner FirstMark Capital
Matt Turck is a French American technology entrepreneur and investor.  A partner at NYC-based venture capital firm FirstMark Capital, he invests across a broad range of early-stage Internet, software and hardware startups. Prior to FirstMark, he was a Managing Director at Bloomberg Ventures, the investment and incubation arm of Bloomberg LP, which he helped start. Prior to his investing career, Matt was an entrepreneur and the co-founder of TripleHop Technologies, a venture-backed enterprise search software startup that was acquired by Oracle and became the cornerstone of Oracle’s initial foray into search technologies.
Matt is passionate about building communities, and organizes Data Driven NYC (a 20,000 person group that focuses on data and AI) and Hardwired NYC (an 8,000 person group that focuses on frontier/deep tech).  Over the years, Data Driven NYC and Hardwired NYC have featured as speakers about 500 of the top CEOs, CTOs, VCs and senior executives in their respective areas.
Matt graduated from Sciences-Po (IEP) Paris and holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Yale Law School.
He blogs at mattturck.com and can be found on Twitter at @mattturck

Joe Reis

CEO Ternary Data

Joe Reis is a “recovering data scientist”, CEO of Ternary Data, and a business-minded data nerd who’s worked in the data industry for 20 years, with responsibilities ranging from statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, data architecture, and almost everything else in between. He’s the host of the popular data show and podcast, the Monday Morning Data Chat, interviews data celebrities on The Data Nerd Herd, and runs several popular meetups, including The Utah Data Engineering Meetup and SLC Python. Joe also teaches at the University of Utah and is the co-author of the upcoming O’Reilly book, The Fundamentals of Data Engineering. When he’s not busy running a company, teaching, or creating content, Joe often finds himself rock climbing or trail running in the mountains around Salt Lake City, Utah.

Josh Benamram

Co-founder & CEO Databand.ai

Josh is Co-Founder and CEO at Databand.ai. He started his career in the finance world, working as an analyst at a quant investment firm called SIG. He then worked as an analyst at Bessemer Venture Partners, where he focused on data and ML company investments. Just prior to founding Databand, he was a product manager at Sisense, a big data analytics company. He started Databand with his two co-founders to help engineers deliver reliable, trusted data products.

Episode Transcript

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