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Observability specialized for DataOps

Databand’s observability platform is purpose built for data engineers, providing end-to-end monitoring of pipeline metadata, proactive alerts, and run analysis that allows you to drill-down from overall pipelines into individual tasks.

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How it works​

Monitor pipelines with full metadata capture, from orchestrators and task statuses to data quality metrics. Powered by open source.

Databand observability platform databand observer databand open source
Databand observability platform databand observer databand open source

Pipeline metadata

An open, flexible system to gather all the metadata you need, unified so that all information is in its most useful context.


Monitor the timing of your tasks and pipelines from scheduled times, actual start times, completion times and more.

Internal Task Statuses

Get function and query-level visibility inside your pipelines, so you can drill into where errors are arising.

Application Logs

Access execution details, success logs, error messages, and runtime states from your data tasks, queries, and functions.

System Resources

See pipeline resource consumption levels and durations from underlying cloud or compute systems.

Data Lineage

Track data inputs and outputs, within and across your tasks and pipelines.

Data Quality Metrics

Monitor data schemas, data distributions, completeness, and custom metrics.

Metrics from all your tools in one place

Unified visibility into all your data tools

Connect in minutes

Easy to setup. Easy to use. Instant visibility.

Databand Observer
Databand Open Source Library
Event Tracking
Metric Logging
Data Profiling
Run Optimization
Databand Observer

Discover, compare, and alert on performance or data issues using your end-to-end pipeline metadata

Databand Open Source Library

Connect your pipeline infrastructure to gather metadata for monitoring. Add instrumentation for custom metrics.

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