Data observability platform for data engineers

Databand helps you monitor & control your data’s quality, even when you don’t control whether an API decides to drop a column.

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Understand your data’s health from the moment it enters your system

Know whether the data you are ingesting will be delivered how you expect.

Guarantee your SLAs

Identify when anomalous durations or failures will cause late data deliveries and missed SLAs

ID Root Causes Fast

When issues occur, drill into the source of errors or data corruptions across your pipeline

Gain Unified Logging

Access execution details, success logs, error messages, and runtime states from your data tasks, queries, and functions

Easy Operational Integration

Automate alerting to Slack, Pagerduty, and custom alert targets so you can catch potential issues before they reach consumers

Trace Lineage of Issues

Track how data corruptions or execution issues cascade across your pipelines, from central teams to downstream consumers

Control Data Health

Monitor data schemas, data distributions, completeness, and custom metrics

Metrics from all your tools in one place

Unified visibility into all your data tools

End-to-end data observability for your most important data engineering projects

Connect the dots between pipeline performance and dataset health so you can guarantee successful:

  • Data ingestion from third-party sources
  • Long-running ELT / ELT data pipelinesproduct
  • Cloud migrations from on-prem systems

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Find and fix data health issues fast

See how Databand can transform data observability at your organization today.