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Data observability platform for data engineers

Monitoring data pipeline health is necessary for creating trusted data products. Databand is a unified data observability platform that enables you to produce reliable analytics and performant machine learning.

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Highlight the metrics that matter the most

Catch the impact of pipeline issues on your data deliveries, before problems get to your data consumers.

Guarantee your SLAs

Identify when anomalous durations or failures will cause late data deliveries and missed SLAs

ID Root Causes Fast

When issues occur, drill into the source of errors or data corruptions across your pipeline

Gain Unified Logging

Access execution details, success logs, error messages, and runtime states from your data tasks, queries, and functions

Manage Resources

See pipeline resource consumption levels and durations from underlying cloud or compute systems

Trace Lineage of Issues

Track how data corruptions or execution issues cascade across your pipelines, from central teams to downstream consumers

Control Data Health

Monitor data schemas, data distributions, completeness, and custom metrics

Full-stack data observability made easy

Connect the dots between pipeline performance and data product performance.

  • Gain ops metrics to zero-in on the pipelines causing data delays
  • Access out-of-the-box data health metrics as data flows through your stack
  • Track usage KPIs to optimize your cloud data services and increase the ROI of your data product
  • Automate alerting to Slack, Pagerduty, and custom alert targets so you can catch potential issues before they reach consumers

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Metrics from all your tools in one place

Unified visibility into all your data tools has you covered when the stakes are high

From big data analytics to machine learning, data teams use to create reliable data products

Maintain data SLA quality standards

  • Automate health checks on high-value data in your data lake and warehouse

Make mission critical decisions with confidence

  • Guarantee on-time delivery of the data that powers your analytical dashboards and business intelligence reports

Ensure consistent and reliable data transformations

  • Foster replication and migration processes that can keep pace with data inflows and maintain healthy data outflows

Give your machine learning product an edge

  • Monitor model performance scores, catch data drift, and avoid corruptions to improve your model accuracy and prevent degradations

Find and fix data health issues fast

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