Remove bad data surprises with data anomaly detection.

The worst data incident is the one you don’t know about. Data anomaly detection removes any bad data surprise by automatically detecting deviating behavior in your data pipelines and datasets.  

Platform - Anomaly Detection

Benefits of data anomaly detection.

Databand uses automated anomaly detection, so you aren’t surprised when pipelines take too long or data values change unexpectedly.

Remove uncertainty

Eliminate the unknown by seeing trends & detecting anomalies from your metadata in real-time.

Alert immediately

Set alerts to trigger when unexpected data deviates from expected baselines immediately.

Ensure 24/7 accuracy

Monitor and detect anomalies 24/7 so you know the data is always delivered accurately.

Anomaly detection - set up alert

Continuously monitor and catch data anomalies.

Databand centralizes your pipeline metadata and analyzes it with ML-powered detection so you can continuously monitor data anomalies

  • Set lookback parameters to define the number of runs the anomaly algorithm takes into account.
  • Adjust sensitivity range around moving average value that’s considered safe.


See Databand’s data anomaly detection in action.

Simple alert configuration and management.

With anomaly detection, you get alerts on custom or out-of-the-box metrics around pipelines and datasets when they cross a certain threshold.

  • Monitor operational performance of pipelines, infrastructural components, and data quality KPIs.
  • Alert on pipeline durations, task durations, input counts, and output counts.
Anomaly detection - alert configuration

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