Operationalize data observability with data incident management.

Don’t just observe data incidents. Resolve them fast. With data incident management, you can alert, respond, and resolve all your data incidents in one location.

Platform - Data Incident Management

Benefits of data incident management

Databand provides data incident management within a single pane of glass so you can see all your data incidents in one place for immediate detection and faster resolution.

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Central alerting

Access alerts and notifications on issues that require immediate attention.

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Integration hub

Set alerts on metadata from your integrated data stack — from run durations to data quality metrics.

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Rapid triage

Immediately notify the right person to fix a data issue before it impacts other data workflows.

Immediately detect data incidents in real-time.

Discover data incidents as they occur, not after they happen. Databand’s data incident management proactively identifies data incidents from specific datasets, data lake locations, pipelines, and tables.

  • Catalog and profile all alerts under one roof across your entire data stack.
  • Integrate to popular data engineering tools like Apache Airflow, Spark, and dbt Cloud.

Customize alerts to meet your data SLAs.

No one likes getting a 3 AM wake-up call, especially when it’s not business critical. Empower your data engineering and platform teams to stay focused with data incident management.

  • Set alert severities to prioritize response time better.  
  • Create custom alerts for data SLAs like missed data deliveries, unexpected schema changes, anomalies in column-level statistics, and more.
Incident Management - alert configuration


See Databand’s data incident management in action.

Incident Management - receiver

Respond to data incidents faster with automated notifications.

When a data incident occurs, you need to know now, not later. Databand routes alerts to your specific data stakeholders in real-time.

  • Limit unnecessary noise by notifying the right stakeholders.
  • Integrate notifications with the tools you already love like Slack, PagerDuty, and email.

Remove doubt with root cause analysis.

When an incident occurs, it’s hard to know the root cause. Databand tracks metadata and logs from task executors so you can access log and error information in one place.

  • Determine root cause of an issue from one screen, not ten. 
  • Compare trends on data and code changes to identify the root cause of problems fast.
Incident Management - root cause analysis

Data incident management dashboards.

Design actionable dashboards with information about the pipeline runs, tasks, and errors, so you always know what’s on your to-do list.

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