Manage the health of 100s to 1000s of data pipelines with data pipeline monitoring.

As your team grows, so do your pipelines. Databand connects to your data processes and pipelines to detect incidents like missing operations, failed jobs, and run durations so you can handle pipeline growth.

Data Pipeline Monitoring - Hero

Benefits of data pipeline monitoring.

Most data teams don’t have the full picture of their pipeline executions. Get the benefits of data pipeline monitoring with Databand.

Standardize DataOps

Monitor pipelines for early warning signals of failures or missed SLAs.

Improve pipeline health

Get visibility across DAGs, data flows, and levels of infrastructure for better pipeline reliability.

Fix pipelines fast

Know exactly how to fix your pipelines with automatic notification management, logging, and lineage.

Data Pipeline Monitoring - DAG View

Eliminate data pipeline anxiety.

Understand data pipeline health. See all tasks interacting with your critical data and trace issues to the specific steps in your pipeline. 

  • Detect data incidents like missing operations, failed jobs, and run durations.
  • Confirm whether your data is ingested consistently and on time.

Get the full history of pipeline performance.

Inconsistent pipelines are hard to fix when you can’t see the bigger picture. Databand tracks the full history of your pipelines’ performance, so you know the complete context to get consistent pipelines. 

  • Analyze pipeline performance and complexity over time.  
  • See how failed operations impact dependent pipelines and datasets.
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See Databand’s data pipeline monitoring in action.

Data Incident Management - Root Cause

Jump to root cause analysis.

When a pipeline breaks, you want to know why and how to fix it as soon as possible. Databand tracks metadata and logs from task executors, so you can access log and error information in one place.

  • Determine root cause analysis from one screen, not ten. 
  • Compare trends on data and code changes to identify the root cause of problems fast.

View every pipeline and run on one screen.

Whether your pipelines run once or 100 times a day, Databand makes it easy to see every pipeline and run in one view.

  • Instantly know if a pipeline run has a critical alert attached.
  • Organize and filter by project, origin, status, durations, and more.
Data Pipeline Monitoring - Runs View

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