Observability for your data processes

From production jobs to data science notebooks.

Databand tracks your pipeline execution metadata, so you can evaluate changes in runtimes, code, data, and critical business KPIs. Helping you zero-in on problems, notify team members about disruptions, and maintain a system of record for pipeline metadata.

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Monitor & alert on production pipelines to stay on top of statuses, data quality, integrity, and timeliness.


Debug pipelines with features for inspection and comparison of code, metrics, and input/output.


QA pipeline code and data in development with tracking of standard performance metrics.

Metadata Tracking

Databand tracks granular pipeline metadata, from task statuses to data quality metrics.

Application Logs

Execution details, success logs, error messages, and runtime states from your data functions.


Actual and expected completion schedules for pipelines and independent tasks.

Internal Functions

Function-level visibility inside your pipeline logic, so you can drill in to where errors are arising.


User defined metrics about your data, such as custom business KPIs or performance scores.

Data Lineage

Data and artifact input/output, tracked both within and across your tasks and pipelines.


Pipeline resource consumption, durations, and costs from underlying cloud or compute systems.


Make your pipelines fully tracked and observable across your suite of tools.


How it works​

Easy to setup. Easy to use. Instant visibility & control.


1. Connect your pipelines

Databand can track metadata directly from your orchestrator, runtime environment, and pipeline code. Instantly gain visibility into your metadata with minimal changes to existing projects.


2. Track your metadata

As your processes run, Databand tracks metadata about task runtimes, metrics, resources, and data sets. Metadata is reported to Databand’s tracking database, and made accessible through the Databand’s user interface, or users can access tracking data directly through our API.

3. Streamline your data engineering

Databand enables you to create alerts on your pipeline metadata, on everything from batch process durations running for excessive periods of time to data quality metrics, like columns dropped or significant schema changes. Compare runs on an application, data, and system level to isolate where errors are coming from.