Complete Observability

The visibility you need to stay on top of your DataOps.

Periodicity, retries, complex dependencies – DAGs behave differently than other infra systems and require a specialized monitoring solution. Databand is the only monitoring solution specially built for your DAGs, enabling you to monitor and receive alerts when data changes create issues, when jobs are truly running late or likely to fail, when critical KPIs are drifting, and when resources and costs are spiking.

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Track the critical metadata from your pipelines and monitor performance. Gain intuitive visualizations of data flows for both individual runs and trends across jobs.


Create specialized rules or enable out of the box alerts. Integrate with general alerting systems like Prometheus, Pagerduty, and Datadog to fit your monitoring infrastructure.


Deep dive into your pipeline executions, isolate where problems are coming from, compare code and data, test and iterate quickly to make your fixes.

Monitoring & Alerting

Cut through the noise – observability specialized for DAGs and data processes

Databand collects and presents the most granular info about your DAGs, from task statuses to data flows.

Run Statuses

Monitor details of run executions including run times, successful completions, failures, runs in progress, delays and retries, across pipelines and granular task levels.


Monitor periodic (date/time) and event (git commit, data availability) driven schedules to make sure your SLAs are met and pipelines are running on the right data.

Data Lineage

Use metadata collected from runs to build full data lineage across your pipelines, enable users to query to explore your projects and keep tabs on data flows.

Data Profiles

Track metadata changes across pipeline runs, such as size, structure, schema, distributions, and other dataset dimensions.

Custom Metrics

Monitor user defined metrics from your DAGs, such as custom business KPIs or ML performance scores like R2, MAE, and RMSE.


Create a unified view for your entire data pipeline CI/CD cycle, across all development, staging, and production environments.


Monitor how much each pipeline costs you on underlying cloud or compute systems to better manage your budgets.


Track how much CPU, memory, and data volumes your pipelines consume to maintain infra performance and uptime.


Track significant changes in your jobs, performance metrics, or data structures to get instant awareness of potential issues.


Make your pipelines fully tracked and observable across your suite of tools.

Leverage Databand APIs to connect to your Airflow instances, data lake, and cloud systems that run your data stack.


How it works​

Easy to setup. Easy to use. Instant visibility & control.


Connect your pipelines

Leverage Databand APIs to connect your scheduler, execution system and your DAG code. Achieve visibility with minimal changes to your existing projects and unite the fragmented tools you use to run your data stack.

Collect your data & metadata

Every time your processes run, through your scheduler or ad hoc, Databand will collect data about tasks, data, metrics, resources, and more. Databand provides multiple levels of data and metadata visibility, from high level task statuses, data schemas, to the granular raw data itself.

Streamline your data engineering

Gain pipeline-specific monitoring and alerting that covers the nuances of your data processes out of the box. Configure the system to only receive alerts when they are meaningful and require your attention. After alerts are triggered, Databand provides utilities for comparing pipelines runs, code versions, and data to help you debug problems faster.