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Bad data has cost you $0 since being on this page*

*Source: Gartner, 2017 is a unified data observability platform that helps data engineers:

  • Deliver on-time data
  • Ensure data completeness
  • Maintain data accuracy
  • Expedite remediation on data issues


We help data teams build reliable data products

“Databand is helping us achieve better pipeline reliability and higher velocity releases for our data products. The platform is saving our team a lot of troubleshooting time by providing one holistic view for job monitoring and dependencies, so that everyone can see what’s happening in our pipelines.”

Amir Arad. Senior Engineering
Manager at Agoda

Get ahead of data SLA misses with Databand

  • Know there’s a problem, before your consumer
  • Identify root causes fast
  • Trace the lineage of issues with ease