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Data Council US – Austin 2022

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Data Council Austin ’23

Join us at Data Council Austin ‘23! Data Council is a 3 day, worldwide, community-driven, data science, engineering, analytics & AI event hosted on March 28-30, 2023.

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Subsurface LIVE 2023 by dremio

Free for all to attend in person and virtually. Subsurface is the Data Lakehouse Conference where you can hear firsthand from technology leaders. Learn how to innovate with open-source technologies such as Apache Airflow, Dagster, Apache Superset, Apache Druid, Apache Ranger, and more.

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Shipper Case Study

Read how Shipper detects data incidents from days to minutes with Databand.

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Read G2 Peer Reviews

Read g2.com peer reviews of the Databand data observability platform.

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Trax Retail Case Study

Read how Trax Retail drastically reduced data incidents and increases customers by 3x.

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Data Observability CDO TechVent – Eckerson Group Virtual Event

Data observability is an emerging discipline for studying the health of enterprise data environments, using techniques adapted from governance tools and application performance management. It includes data quality observability, which monitors the quality and timeliness of data. It also includes data pipeline observability, which monitors the quality and performance of data pipelines, including the infrastructure that supports them.