Cloud Service SLA

Excluding scheduled maintenance windows, Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide and maintain 99.75% availability of the Cloud Service.The Service will be deemed “available” so long as authorized users are able to login to the Service interface and access logged data. If Provider does not meet the SLA in two consecutive months or over three months in any 12-month period, then Customer may, as its only remedy, terminate this Order Form upon notice and receive a prorated refund of prepaid fees for the remainder of the Subscription Period.

Technical Support

Provider will evaluate and work to resolve reported issues based on the following priority level definitions:

Based on priority definition above, provider will offer the following commitments:

Additional Support Terms

  1. Dedicated Slack Channel is the default means of support for all plans
  2. Support over phone and email are available on Enterprise plan
  3. Provider will support the most current version of each Provider Software Product licensed by Customer and the immediately preceding version.
  4. Self-Hosted Deployments in Customer premises or private cloud requires a customized support package (available per request). Self-Hosted Customers will:
    1. install and maintain any hardware and software necessary to permit Provider remote Internet access to Customer’s system for the purpose of problem diagnosis, delivery corrections, and monitoring compliance;
    2. maintain adequate and current back-up copies of software, Customer Data and configuration information as necessary to ensure that a failure of a Software Product will not have a materially negative impact on Customer’s business operations;(iii) provide to Provider such back-up copies of software, Customer Data and configuration information as requested by Provider to perform Support Services for Customer;
    3. Allow the Provider to collect anonymized usage metrics for the purpose of evaluating Software Product usefulness and performance.

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